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Herman Wakefield

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Founder | @northwest_mcm_wholesale and


Herman Wakefield is the pseudonym of a Portland furniture dealer and professional meme maker (please say that with a straight face).  Using the instagram handle @northwest_mcm_wholesale, Wakefield has set the design world alight (and in many cases, doubled over in laughter) with his humorous takes on the design tropes, idiosyncrasies, and trends that we all love to hate. Not only that, but his memes are often poignant and thought provoking, and as a result his account has expanded beyond a local niche into an international sensation commentating on consumerism, art, design, food, and culture.


Currently approaching 250,000 followers, Wakefield had no idea his account would ever get this big, nor that he would be commissioned by global brands and design festivals to make fun of them.

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